The scientific programme of the HB 2016 workshop is determined by the International Organising Committee. The workshop will consist of one plenary session, a poster session and oral and discussion sessions for 5 working groups. Sessions will begin Monday to Friday at 09:00 and finish at 18:00, with the exception of Friday, 8 July, when the conference will finish at around 13:00 and Monday, 4 July, when the poster session will take place from 16:00 to 18:00.

On Sunday, 3 July, a Welcome Reception will be held from 18:00 - 20:00 at the Workshop Hotel Scandic Triangeln.

On Thursday, 7 July, a Dinner Banquet will take place from 19:00 - 22:00 at Glasklart. Please see here for more information.

On Friday, 8 July, the end of the workshop sessions will be followed by the opportunity to see the construction site of ESS Lund (by bus) from approx. 14:00 - 16:00. Please see here for more information.


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WG-A: Beam Dynamics in Rings

  • Beam dynamics of high luminosity colliders
  • Modelling high intensity beams
  • Electron-ion colliders
  • FFAGs
  • Computation (there is no separate computation working group)
  • Heavy Ion rings


Conveners for WG-A:

Y. H. Chin (KEK) yongho [dot] chin [at] kek [dot] jp
Giuliano Franchetti (GSI) g [dot] franchetti [at] gsi [dot] de
Wolfram Fischer (BNL)   wfischer [at] bnl [dot] gov





WG-B: Beam Dynamics in Linacs

  • What beam dynamics lessons can we learn from other labs
  • Modelling of high intensity beams
  • Mitigation of beam halo
  • CW linear accelerators
  • Computation (there is no separate computation working group)
  • Heavy Ion, RIB and ISOL linacs


Conveners for WG-B:

Alessandra Lombardi (CERN) alessandra [dot] lombardi [at] cern [dot] ch
Masanori Ikegami (FRIB) ikegami [at] frib [dot] msu [dot] edu
Yuan He (IMP) hey [at] impcas [dot] ac [dot] cn


WG-C: Accelerator Systems

  • Injection
  • Extraction
  • RF (including HOMs)
  • LLRF


Conveners for WG-C:

Sarah Cousineau (SNS) scousine [at] ornl [dot] gov
Jean-Luc Biarrotte (CNRS-IN2P3) biarrott [at] ipno [dot] in2p3 [dot] fr
Sheng Wang (IHEP) wangs [at] ihep [dot] ac [dot] cn
Luc Perrot (IPN) perrot [at] ipno [dot] in2p3 [dot] fr
Shinian Fu (IHEP) fusn [at] mail [dot] ihep [dot] ac [dot] cn


WG-D: Commissioning and Operations

  • What commissioning lessons can we learn from other labs?
  • What concerned you but did not happen?
  • What you thought was not gonna happen but did happen?


Conveners for WG-D:

Fernanda Garcia (FNAL) fgarcia [at] fnal [dot] gov
Angelina Parfenova (PSI) angelina [dot] parfenova [at] psi [dot] ch
Hideaki Hotchi (JAEA)   hotchi [dot] hideaki [at] jaea [dot] go [dot] jp


WG-E: Beam Instruments and Interactions

  • Beam loss and activation
  • Beam instruments for high intensity machines
  • Collimation


Conveners for WG-E:

Michiko Minty (BNL) minty [at] bnl [dot] gov
Tom Shea (ESS) thomas [dot] shea [at] esss [dot] se
Hee Seock Lee (Postech) lee [at] postech [dot] ac [dot] kr

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